‘Babaero’ Stories

from GirlThing of http://forums.mukamo.com

“halu! id like to share something po, eheheheh! this is quite a shock.. ung ex ko, i found out nde lang xa babaero.. waaaa! lam nyo na kasunod.. haiz! its very heart breaking.. prang mas ok pa sakin kung babaero xa, wag lang ung.. hmm.. yaay talaga! its very traumatic.. to all girls, i think it should be one thing that we must alse onsidering cheking up on guys before naten iinvolve sarili naten sakanila..

and about the babaero thing, i think its human nature. we cant say na sa boys lang sya, kasi minsan may mga girls din na ganyan.. aminin!!?? im currently on a situation much related to this.. jus that im a victim of his pagiging babaero, and the worst is.. hes a committed man.! i come to realize tuloy, (1) if married people have the conscience to do that what more with single people?? (2) may sakit talaga na nde gumagaling, i mean, sumpungin.. bigla nlang ung ganun..!!”

Thanks for the story GirlThing, goodluck sa paghahanap ng tunay na lalake. digz!
Mail your ‘Babaero’ Stories at babaeromoves@gmail.com (for both male and female)


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